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Hagerty Employee

Swallowed by the Smokies, a car, and a moment

The light was hazy and perfect. The tulip trees were still sunlit and radiant but low on the horizon, the Smoky Mountains formed silhouettes against a goldening sky. Mid-October in southern Tennessee. A ratty black Miata yowled around the corner. Green foil letters slapped askew across the rear glass of the hard top read Slow Car Club.

The roads in Western North Carolina where I live are totally addictive. Even regular two lane county roads with no name can be something special.

One of the big benefits to the GT4 is its narrow width. I absolutely love my C7 Grand Sport, but it is 6.5" wider than the GT4, and its width can be a limiting factor on our tight curvy roads.

Hagerty Employee

thought the same thing, seeing the big Detroit muscle... you can't argue with that V8 sound, though.

Good car choice for a great road. Nothing against the turbo 4's but the 6 is where it is at.
Advanced Driver

Wonderful story. Reminded me of last Sunday, powering up the Berkshires, the road having been emptied of other cars by the previous night's snow.

Someday I'll do the Tail of the Dragon.
Hagerty Employee

share the story with us on the Community when you do! would love to hear it
New Driver

I’ve been thru the”Tail” many times, C5 Corvette, 2 different BMW motorcycles, a Ducati, and a Ford Crown Vic(?). Always a good time IF the traffic is light. This is a nice article.

I love the roads in WV mountains. The roads are in great shape and to be honest I find them more challenging and open to no traffic. Be it a mountain road or one that follows a winding river.  

Intermediate Driver

The roads in Western NC and Eastern TN should be avoided. Law breaking Carolina squat trucks are everywhere. The scenery is a constant distraction. The locals are only helpful when they determine you are only passing through or you are not a revenue agent. Now you know. Pick your route accordingly.
Intermediate Driver

This year was my first time on the tail. Had my 2008 NC Miata, with automatic trans, can't wait to go back with my '96 NA Miata with 5 speed and supercharged. Great road when traffic is light.
Great story, really brought back memories of the tail.

I have not made it to the Dragon yet but I have driven the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway twice, much fun. Did it in a '02 Thunderbird which was nice and a '95 MR2 which was a blast!
Hagerty Employee

oh that MR2 sounds like an amazing candidate....

A nice read. Your style is resembling Sam Smith, and that's a compliment.
Pit Crew

We moved to East TN a few years ago, from billiard table flat Illinois. I knew about the Dragon, but stumbled on it truly in error. We were in the turbo cx9, with Leddy the black Lab asleep in the back seat. Asleep, but not for long, as she slid back and forth from one side of the back seat to the other, but to her credit, she did not get sick. The cx9, as big as it is, wasn’t a bad ride on the Tail. Accurate steering, gobs of torque coming out of the corners, the brakes- eh so so. On another trip, barely into NC, sits Tapoco lodge. Great food, sitting on the banks of a roaring stream. Great food, awesome scenery, a perfect spot to regenerate yourself, prior to heading back north to civilization. I’ve heard the hotel accommodations are pretty good as well. But we live an hour from the Tail, so we just turn around and head home. Next time we’ll take the Mustang. Or maybe the cx9 after I install those new drilled and slotted rotors and new pads on it….
Hagerty Employee

love it!!!
New Driver

I live 40 mins away from the Dragon. I go at least a few times a wk, been going regularly for yrs. Traffic is by far the best during the wk especially after dark, plus the cops don't patrol late at night either. I feel extremely lucky to live so close to this road, hard to put into words what this road does for's my therapy.