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Supercharger 101: Four types explained

Pressurizing the intake charge of an engine is a sure-fire way to make more power, and many enthusiasts will say there are two options for achieving this goal—turbocharger or supercharger. The fact of the matter, however, is there’s more nuance to it than that. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained on YouTube dove into the minutia of four types of superchargers in his latest video.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

I like the Magnuson supercharger for my GMC Yukon because it had back then a trailer towing option (different pulley & programming) along with 99% bolt-on (only one small metal cut) and used the same air intake configuration as the factory.  

Pit Crew

I'm currently on a big kick for Roots Type superchargers.  Turning a V6 into a big block V8 is no small engineering feat. 



Community Manager