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Hagerty Employee

Supercar startup alert: Meet The Naran

British-based Naran Automotive has teased its first limited-run production car. The Naran is a 2+2 coupe that combines luxury and speed in extremis.


Founded by Ameerh Naran, a 34-year-old private jet broker and former racer, Naran Automotive has enlisted some heavy hitters to develop The Naran. The design comes from Jowyn Wong who created the Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72, with the interior crafted by ex-Aston Martin designer Kate Montgomery. The powertrain comes from Racing Dynamics and the engineering team is EY3 Engineering, led by Daniel Mense, who worked on the NIO EP9 electric hypercar.


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Hagerty Employee

love the profile but that schnoz has shades of Honda Civic Si. jus sayin 

Advanced Driver

It reads like a nice car.  It looks Hot Wheels/Star Wars.  Maybe I can't say much since I have a Corvette Z07.  I just don't think about it as Hot Wheels, maybe a couple of generations removed from Star Wars.  Of course, unlike my Z07, this will be a Garage Queen.