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Subtle modifications are the best modifications

One of the best parts of the automotive world is that, with very few exceptions, no one gets to tell you what you can or cannot do to your car. I know those on the left coast will scream, "but C.A.R.B!" and they are right. After you perform a certain amount of modifications, you can't drive your car on the road (legally, at least). However, you can still make changes and enjoy the car off the street, whether that's on a track, on a trail, or on display at a show. We have the freedom to build our automobiles into extensions of our own personalities, and anything goes. That being said, I hold subtle modifications in higher regard than shouty, over-the-top stuff.


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I've had to pull two guys home from tours with elec' igniton in their Model A's, points are far more reliable, can be fixed on the road, will run 13K easily.

I did make and weld mountings for a '38 Ford generator, tossed 3rd brush, wired as a 2 brush w/ Ford 8N regulator, works great with 50cp lights.  Also rigged oil pressure to center main, is supposed to help.  I fitted all bearings to .001, I run 5-20 synthetic oil, doesn't use a drop (new Hastings rings).  Also put in all stainless valves.  Stainless bolts & nuts in hot places is always a good idea too, also heated & bent shift lever away from my long knees.


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