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Hagerty Employee

Stuntman Travis Pastrana risks it all on rallycross

It was a typical Saturday morning emergency call in Fort Lauderdale, placed January 22, 2022. "Yeah, we're going to have a level one trauma, adult male, to Broward Health," a first responder said on the radio. "It's going to be a fall injury." That was an understatement.

The injuries that man has endured is something I would not want to experience. He is quite entertaining to watch.
Hagerty Fan
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My oldest son watched Pastrana extricate himself from a folding chair a few years back.
I'll let you guess as to how many 'mississippi's' he was able to count off before he was fully upright.

But then again, it might be entirely possible that modern medicine can take a broken daredevil and fix him...and make him better.
(Cue '6 Million Dollar Man' intro music)


He is a great showman and I did meet him when he raced NASCAR. He is a great person.

I just hope he grows old as a walking old man. I just hope he does not pay it all one of these times.

He needs to become a promoter and let others start taking the risks.
Advanced Driver

Over 10 years ago, I ran an Event Facility in Charlotte where we had everything from Antique Shows to Drifting in the back lot. One day Travis came and was shaking down a vehicle in our back lot. He was truly a gentleman and a really nice person. My Admin Asst. was afraid to go meet him on her own, so I took her out and he was very gracious, I wish him the best in all his endeavors, and yes, he was a little slow getting out of the lawn chair he was sitting in while waiting for his car to be setup. But you know what, he got up out of it very respectfully.