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Storm prep: Car storage + evacuation

This native Houstonian recently dodged a bullet, so my heart goes out to everyone east of me on the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Laura. That said, my time protecting my classic(ish) cars from this hurricane makes a good refresher course for those who live where catastrophic flooding and high winds threatens your property every year. This will be far from a comprehensive guide, so read the comments section for words of wisdom from our Hagerty Community.


To get the ball rolling, this story’s gonna have two sides: Prepping for your classics and getting your daily driver ready in the event of an evacuation. Before we dig in, all of your property (not just cars) should be photographed before the storm, as it might be needed later to assess its pre-storm condition by an insurance claims adjuster.


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Wow, thank you so much for sharing!  Yes, I think everyone needs a full set of jackstands for every car they own in the Gulf Coast.  You just don't know what's gonna happen! 

I am so happy to hear the Beetle survived Harvey! 

Community Manager