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Stock Stories: BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman | Hagerty Media

With custom bike culture exploding in recent years, the history and importance of the two-wheeled machines that first rolled off of the production line are often overlooked. Stock Stories tells the tales of these motorcycles through the words and impeccable illustrations of Martin Squires.

For some of us the 50's era British bikes will always represent the absolute apex of motorcycle style.
Intermediate Driver

Back in 1958 I took my 1956 DBD 34 Gold Star out onto a long, dead straight road to see just how fast it would go but when it got to 113 mph the plug wire came off and of course the bike stopped. I turned around and was pushing the bike down the road looking for the plug top a cop on a motorcycle came up towards me and asked if I had seen a guy on a motorbike go past me at a very fast speed? I told him that I had about 5 minutes before he came and with that he was off in pursuit! I got the plug lead to stay on with the help of some chewing gum and beat a hasty retreat before he came back!
Intermediate Driver

smart move!
Intermediate Driver

Yours is an awesome story!!!