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Stock Stories: 1960-69 BMW R69S | Hagerty Media

With custom bike culture exploding in recent years, the history and importance of the two-wheeled machines that first rolled off of the production line are often overlooked. Stock Stories tells the tales of these motorcycles. After World War I, a combination of treaties regulating Germany's manufacturing and military capabilities resulted in the dissolution of the country's air force and heavy restrictions on aircraft production.
New Driver

Rode one for 10 years. Very smooth bike, great to ride. Got married, sold bike to start a family.
Still have other 1960 /2 BMW,s But to this day, that was the one BMW I regret selling.
Advanced Driver

Fantastic illustrations by Mr. Squires. Thank you.
New Driver

Thank you, Martin, for posting such an interesting article that details several racing events outside of BMW's Werks bikes. Your art is the cherry on top.

During the early 2000s' I met John Penton at Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid-Ohio. It was a treat to meet the man whom BMW had plastered his photo on several of their print ads, of which I still have one. As we chatted about his marathon coast-to-coast record run, Mr. Penton shared that since he did not have enough time to properly stop and check the R69's oil level, he just dumped in a quart during a gas stop as he was nearing LA.

Mr. Penton was so kind that he took the time to pose next to my late father's 1960 R50, the bike I rode down from the Detroit Metro area. It won first place in its category. My father's R50 was a bike I learned to ride when I was 12. She is an unrestored beauty with only ~17K miles. ...Your article brings back many fond memories of simpler times. Thank you!

The crankshaft's rod bearing oiling used a centrifugal slinger that of you didn't do frequent hot oil changes would slowly pack up with the normal grit and sludge until at 30,000 miles =/- would starve the rod bearings (rollers) for oil and they'd throw rod, hence you could always find incredible deals on new looking /2's with 30,000 miles .