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Hagerty Employee

Stock Stories: 1952 Triumph Thunderbird

With custom bike culture exploding in recent years, the history and importance of the two-wheeled machines that first rolled off of the production line are often overlooked. Stock Stories tells the tales of these motorcycles.


By 1949, Triumph viewed the United States as a very important market. Sales of the Speed Twin had already demonstrated that there was demand for lighter-weight machines—lighter, at least, than the typical large twins that Americans were used to. However, the main question about the Speed Twin was its capability on longer stretches of road that were typically encountered in North America.


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Advanced Driver

Love all of the illustrations! Cutaways are notoriously a pain to do,  but were handled very well, too.
The artistry made the article so much more interesting.

Pit Crew

I agree -- the illustrations are wonderful. I'm not a motorcycle rider but I am an engineer, and find the cutaway drawings really appealling and helpful.
New Driver

Really enjoyed reading about the triumphs ,owned a few loved them !

New Driver

Excellent illustrations!