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Hagerty Employee

Start Making Pictures | Hagerty Media

I shoot a lot of cars, and I've used a lot of different cameras to do it. The one question I often hear from people who want to shoot their car is: "What camera should I buy?" Sales guys at camera stores love people like that.

   I like this article.  I mean, most of the pointers seem rather rudimentary when you read them.  But although they all seem simple, I bet I've ignored every one of them when shooting my cars - or even lots of other things.  I especially loved the advice to walk around without a camera and examine all types of angles and views before even attempting to click the shutter.  I've always just been eager to get that perfect shot and so start rushing to look through the viewfinder and get the shot before I miss it - you know, "get it captured in the camera".  But I've seldom ever taken a little time to consider all the things mentioned - I gonna do a lot better, I promise.