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Hagerty Employee

Stan Reynolds, the relic hunter in the sky

Above the waves of wheat, a red-tailed hawk pivots on an updraft. It spots something, turns, and stoops, falling on its prey like a feathered lightning bolt. Beyond, aloft in the cornflower-blue prairie sky, a single piston-engine shifts the pitch of its droning, and a small aircraft banks towards a famer's field.
Pit Crew

I hope that this cultural treasure continues to be cherished and maintained by Alberta. My compliments to those who adopted this man's collection. Thanks for alerting us!

One small suggestion: captions, please. I'm curious about that track speedster and the identity of the driver.
Intermediate Driver

Who abandons a Hawker Hurricane? We should all be so fortunate!
Pit Crew

My guess: somebody who got it for pennies on the dollar, blew an engine mid-flight, discovered that fixing it was logistically and financially daunting... Maybe that first kid or the needs of the family farm or somesuch also helped bring home the cost of blasting around the sky for amusement on a rather stonking amount of high-octane gas.

Today we think of them as rare and precious things, and important artifacts of history, and display them in museums or have restoration shops "zero-time" them at great expense, but once upon a time, a vast aerial armada went begging. Planes that were war weary, excess to drastically reduced needs, or simply obsolete at the dawn of the jet age (pick one or more) went quite cheaply, and in fact most were recycled as scrap.

Reminds me of a story a Canadian friend told about how Lancasters could be had for about the value of the fuel in their tanks and the glycol in their engines, whereupon farmers converted the fuselages into chicken houses or other outbuildings. See also

If only more of us had the ability and inclination that this fine gentleman had!
New Driver

Took an auto restoration course at the museum several years ago. Excellent program with a rare tour of the many warehouses full of unrestored vehicles tucked away around the town not seen by the general public.
Highly recommend.