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Spring Hill, once home of Saturn, reaches into the future with shift to EV production

General Motors’ Spring Hill, Tennessee, assembly plant will wind down its current production of gas-powered CUVs and engines to make way for a $2 billion retooling and expansion to convert the former home of Saturn into an all-EV production facility. Cadillac’s LYRIQ will lead the charge as production ramps up in this new phase, though GM hints that Spring Hill will have a growing roll in GM’s EV portfolio.


For now at least, the Cadillac XT5 and XT6 will continue production at Spring Hill; GMC’s Acadia, built on the same C1XX platform, will move to GM’s Lansing Delta Township (Michigan) Assembly plant ... Read the full news on



The EV wars have begun between U.S. manufacturers and I believe they are all going to be losers. I believe they are being presumptuous in thinking there is going to be a strong market for the EV. Their is one factor that causes public apprehension of purchase in this market and that is battery charge life and life expectancy. Most EV manufacturers average charge life in the 350 mile range and that number could be less based on load factors. People don't purchase these vehicles for long trips they buy them for commutes only, between work and home or grocery store trips. They don't dare to trip more than 200 miles from home. There are few or no charging stations along the way that would guaranty your arrival of destination. Battery life expectancy? Nothing lasts forever and those somethings will cost owners +$30K. No thanx!