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Hagerty Employee

Spotlight on Viper | Hagerty Media

Add to Calendar We all know that Vipers are big, brash, powerful, fast, and uniquely American. Magazines have documented acceleration, braking, and top speed, so we know about their superior performance on road and track. But how do they do on the market, and which cars are in the highest demand.
New Driver

Any comment on Shelby Vipers?
I own #3, which is 1 of the 6 1995's produced by Carroll and Dan Fitzgerald.
They never made the 50 as originally planned.
6 for 1995.
12 for 1996
1 GTS for 1997.
Just curious, and welcome you commments.
Hagerty Employee

These are incredibly niche and tough to pin a market on. However anything with Shelby directly involved in is desirable. We tracked a sale of a 1997 GTS/CS that sold for $235,000 back in January, so I'd say it is high up there in the terms of the hierarchy of desirable1st gen vipers.