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Hagerty Employee

Spied: Camo-free Corvette mule hints at hybrid E-Ray

Spy photographers have captured what looks to be the first shots of the upcoming hybrid C8 Corvette without any camouflage. The future Vette looks like a Z06 convertible at first glance, as the aggressive body is decidedly wider than the Stingray.
Intermediate Driver

Intermediate Driver

I don't think GM is concerned about a bunch of old guys posting on Hagerty's forum about how "it's ugly" and "not a Corvette" since most guys here, me included, couldn't even get in or out of one in a graceful manner. They are sold out far into the future. Used ones are going for 20K over MSRP. If you can get one for MSRP, the bang for the buck is absolutely unrivaled. Every car magazine that has tested them has said it is a grand slam home run. If styling is your only criteria, by all means go buy a Series 1 E-Type. It's about the same price and no chips...

Have to laugh at all the comments saying a mid-engine chassis and AWD don't "belong" on a Vette.
Chevy has been experimenting with both in potential Corvette applications for more than 60 years with Zora Arkus-Duntov himself involved with many of the prototypes. IIRC, a mid-engine platform was considered for every generation of Vette from C3 to C6 with some coming close to getting the green light for production.
Not going to argue with anyone about the styling - eye of the beholder and all that - but at least Chevy had the balls to give their street-car customers the same dynamically advanced chassis design found in the opposed to Porsche who - also recognizing the superiority of the mid-engine platform for their 911 RSR race car - continue to only offer their road-going 911 customers a dynamically-inferior rear-engine chassis.

Porsche has their Cayman GT4 RS. Mid engine. It will base price near the fully optioned C8 Z06. I'm really disappointed that the forward thinking, dreaming of the mid engine Corvette having finally being realized is already on the chopping block for the next generation of NO engine.
Advanced Driver

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Seems to me that the E-Ray will fall between the Stingray and Z06. Could it have one motor and produce something over 100hp more? The mentioned 241 hp hybrid system matched to the LT6 engine would make a logical combination for the model that takes the ZR1 spot. And the "Zora" could be an outright first electric car at over 1000hp. Note that the GM 1000hp electric Hummer is already here.
Intermediate Driver

I sure wish the Corvette would lose those Camaro taillights.
New Driver

That is not an electric car it has exhaust pipes. Look at photos of the electric Corvette, no tail pipes.