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Hagerty Employee

Speed into 2021 with 7 race cars up for grabs this month | Hagerty Media

Looking to put 2020 in the rearview mirror as fast as possible? What better way to do that than in a race car? Among the nearly 2500 vehicles at auction this month, including those from Mecum's Kissimmee sale and the events put on by Worldwide, RM Sotheby's, Gooding & Co., and Bonhams that would normally all be held live in Arizona, here are our top seven picks.
Advanced Driver

The only one that is even relevant to my past experience would be the #3. No explanation needed.

The 3 Car !
Advanced Driver

As neat as these car are, for most people there is no real practical purpose for them, other than to say, "Look what I have." In a few months you run out of new people to show off your acquisition, and the glimmer of what was begins to fade. IF you have a purpose in mind for these cars, for example driving them in a historic race, where only period cars were allowed, then that might be fun. But for the most part they belong in a Museum, not someone's personal collection. Jay Leno might disagree, but it seems he will drive most of his cars...
Right now I have 4 cars I only occasionally drive, and then I will be inheriting another two. My cars are licensed road cars, but honestly it has become almost impossible to enjoy with China/Covid. Therefore other than putting them up on a perch, I am not sure to do with what I have. It is hard to part with them because each of them have their own quirks which makes them enjoyable to drive.
Intermediate Driver

First the Jaguar E Type, followed by the Bugatti and then the Shelby Mustang, Allard, Lancia and GT6, with the Monte Carlo a definite "no, no."
Intermediate Driver

That GT6 gets me all hot and bothered. I'd prefer a TR6 but kinda love the GT6 too.

Cant really pinpoint why but my choice would be the 52 Allard leather bucket on and goggles cruzin around my neck of the woods with that classic would turn heads.R

Gen Curtis LeMay owned one, and used to take it with him on base inspection tours to make top-speed runs on those long, long SAC runways. He was a real car guy.
Intermediate Driver

Love the body style of the 1972 Lancia Fulvia Coupe.
Second the Triumph GT6

The Shelby is stupid money!!! Like the Lancia and Triumph way batter ....

1965 Shelby GT350R Fastback would be the one I'd choose.

None for me thanks, I'm just a cruiser in my 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe.
Intermediate Driver

I'll take the Jag ! There is one thing holding me back though, I'm just a little short on cash at the moment.
Pit Crew

I'll take the Triumph. I like the wheels and I have a thing for the number 4. Maybe the Shelby if someone gave it to me.
Intermediate Driver

The Bugatti and the Shelby ....probably the Shelby has a priority in my regime of likes.
Intermediate Driver

I want the Monte Carlo over the others.

The Jaguar, the Allard, and the Bugatti. Now all I need is a big check...........thanks for this.
Advanced Driver

I saw the Group 44 GT6+ race at Road America. Wonder if this is the same car I saw...?

- Jim

'stang, triumph, lancia in no particular order: enclosed, older, nota tube car. Can C myself drivin those 3, may B even a rest0mod for legal street/strip.