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Someone could, and should, make Lotus Elan replicas

Now that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finally gotten around to proposing how it plans on administering the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, entrepreneurs hoping to get into the business of making replicas of historic vintage automobiles can actually start planning how to do it. When the legislation was first passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2015, there were high hopes that we’d see brand new examples of things like the Cord 810 or Checker A8 taxicab, just two of the revival ideas floated back then, but NHTSA took so long to issue the rules that many of those ideas have stalled or died due to uncertainty.


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This has already been done, by Vegantune in the '80s and '90s. They are supposed to have sold 101 of their Evante 'continuation' Elans over the course of about a decade.


The problem with selling new Elans today would be that they use their drivers and passengers as crumple zones to protect their backbone frames. I wouldn't sell one unless it was into an environment with 1964 interpretations of tort law. Personal responsibility is a hate crime today.

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