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Hagerty Employee

Somebody take this 1970 Olds 4-4-2 Convertible home so I don’t have to

Oldsmobile’s 4-4-2 has its roots in the early days of the muscle car era. Shortly after the Pontiac GTO hit the market in 1964, Oldsmobile jumped on the bandwagon with its own performance salvo. The 1964 4-4-2 was equipped with a 330-cubic-inch police-spec engine along with police-spec suspension and brakes. The name “4-4-2” in 1964 simply indicated a four-speed transmission, four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust. In short order, Oldsmobile had a 400-cu-in big block engine on offer for 1965, as well as additional creature comforts, like an automatic transmission, to the options list. Read the full article on