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Hagerty Employee

So you want to be a car designer? Our industry insider peels back the studio curtain

Hello there! My name is Adrian Clarke. I am a professional car designer, earning a degree in automotive design from Coventry University and a Masters in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art in London. While I was there, one of my tutors was J Mays. (He used to bring in doughnuts.)

We are in great need of forward thinking designers but we also need auto executives that are willing to take chances like Bob Lutz to bring these new ideas to market.

So much is stale today and hobbled by aero.

I also wish we could move beyond the Retro stuff. It has been played out. How can we have new classics if all we get is rehashed old ones. This thinking would have prevented the 55 Chevy.

Also I pray the future of EV is not the Tesla nose. It has no soul.

Retro is like everything. It can be done well or badly. It’s not as bad as it was around the turn of the millennium when retro was EVERYWHERE but retro for retros sake is generally a bad idea. However if a manufacturer has an iconic vehicle they are potentially sitting on a feel good goldmine and they’d be remiss not to leverage some of that heritage.
Land Rover could have gone the retro route with the new Defender but did something astonishingly modern that looks like nothing else on the road. The Challenger still looks great and it’s been on sale for what, 10 years now? The less said about the Camaro the better.

Intermediate Driver

Actually, some of the advice given here is probably applicable to any profession, and I do enjoy the insights into automotive design.

Always nice to share your insight. Looking forward to the next one.

Cheers, glad you’re enjoying the articles.