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Snag this rare ’64 prototype, a founding father of Ford’s GT40 program

It's easy to recall only the peaks and troughs of motorsports, like 1957's horrendous crash at the Mille Miglia or Ford's long-awaited victory over Ferrari in 1966. However, these moments never occur in isolation; they're the product of gradual dips and rises, swings in momentum that pushed drivers, teams, and cars to triumph or disaster.


The black-and-white-liveried GT40 before you is one of those inflection points in history, offered for sale by Duncan Hamilton ROFGO. This factory-run prototype is one of five GT40 prototypes assembled in the UK for the 1964 racing season and the first to run a 289-cubic-inch V-8, rather than a 256-cu-in Indy block. Ford hadn't yet enlisted Carroll Shelby to further develop its racing program, so it was up to Ford Advanced Engineering to hew out the prototypes' body work, wring out the engines and gearboxes, and troubleshoot the seemingly infinite growing pains of a very young race car design.


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Replies (6)

Replies (6)

$7+ million for a car with torn seats and the steering wheel on the wrong side? The tires are probably worn out, too. But ain't it gorgeous, nevertheless. This one belongs in a museum for all to enjoy; like #103 and #104, a true piece of history. Brings back memories of the 1960's races and amazing wins. I even built a plastic model painted just like this one with the blue hood and white sides.


@GoFastYes, it was the obvious choice after trial and error with the 256 Indy and 289 engines. But remember, after 1967 they had to go back to a small block and they still won Le Mans in 1968/1969 with the same car. Yes, Eric Broadley from Lola was involved in the early development and they used one of his cars as a test mule. However most resources out there indicate that the Lola influence didn't last long into the program, especially after the project was handed over to Shelby American and Phil Remington got his hands on the car.

Intermediate Driver

Be still, my heart. What a beauty.

Advanced Driver

what's 'infamous' about Ford's potent 427 cu in V-8 engine?  It was the perfectly obvious means of speeding up Lola's uncompetitive sports racer.

Intermediate Driver

Dear Santa,

I've been a (mostly) good boy this year...

Pit Crew

buy it but don’t even think of driving it fast;


the pictures with this article show how the thing porpoised down the road, the front end dredging down under braking like its looking for oil and then popping up at the first sign of acceleration;


the whole body had slightly less lift than a Spitfire;


hard to tell who made more dangerous sports cars back then, Ford with their ladder-chassis Cobras and imitation Lolas or Chevrolet with their back door racers like the widow-maker Cheetah;

Pit Crew