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Hagerty Employee

Snag this head-turning Citroën land-speed racing combo up for grabs this January | Hagerty Media

There are some cars you can always count on seeing at any decent-sized land-speed racing event at the dry lakebed of El Mirage or the salt flats of Bonneville Speedway. Prewar Ford coupes and roadsters are a given. Sleek Studebakers and third-gen GM F-bodies are also safe bets. A Citroën SM?

The two Citroens are very cool.... but the trailer looks like something made by a bunch of hillbillies. They couldn't even get the hitch height correct.
Pit Crew

Trailer has full hydropneumatic suspension, just like the SM. Don't think your hiilbillies would be up to that job.
Intermediate Driver

I agree about the trailer.I've built my share of trailers,before it got to the point where you can buy one for less than I can build it.I have no idea why the goose neck is so high,but what is the worse part of the design is the location of the axels.That thing must carry a lot of toung.As for the Rancho/Comeino Citroem it's kool.
Pit Crew

You have to remember that the articulation of a fifth-wheel trailer has to clear all the body panels in turns as well as up and down transitions. Watch someone position a large camper with a pick-up. It's real easy to tear up something quickly
Advanced Driver

That custom purpose built "Citroenamino" is too cool, and the color is awesome! GLWTA!! 🙂
Pit Crew

Hi Jerry - I remember the time just north of Monterey CA when you rescued me and the Bora heading north for Vancouver, B.C.
Regards, Colin
Advanced Driver

So, someone stole the original towcar and trailer but left the Citroen behind. What's that tell you?
Intermediate Driver

Wow, what a cool story. I think I know a thing or two about motorsport history...this was a 'new' story for me, (I'm knocking on 60 !) nice job Hagerty, way to educate and amuse. Screw the haters, the SM was a tour de force then and is still today. A partnership with Maserati, 0.26 drag, heck yea, Bonneville? Why not ! Bravo.
Intermediate Driver

Citroen Body,
W/O Maserati engine?
No Maserati motor? that is what made the Car to what it was
Advanced Driver

Talent, tenacity, and taste. Very good. Now, what could be accomplished with one of those slippery Tatra's in the Great Adventures article?

I see only one word for those machines: "FUNKY!". I don't get to say that about anything French, in normal conversation, so this is a bit of new territory for me. Love the color, love the Citroen version of a Ranchero, very cool all around. Thank you for a great lesson in History. .