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Snag a Nissan Xterra now, before everyone else catches on | Hagerty Media

The Land Rover Discovery officially turned 25 years old in 2019, but it's not uncommon for drivers of these boxy vehicles to age that much in their first three months of ownership. Sure, the idea of buying one seems appealing-they're very British and superficially rugged.
New Driver

Currently autotrader lists eight 02-04 manual Xterras for sale across the whole country, and only two of those are 4WD (though all are V6). Any ways to pick out which ones are supercharged if not explicitly called out and without under-hood pics?

It came as a total shock to me to learn that the Xterra remained in production till at least 2015, with an available manual no less, as the '15s seem to be visually indistinguishable from the '05s. But I do not closely follow the offroad-capable market. That sort of longevity is becoming a Nissan hallmark.
New Driver

You can tell by my username that I like to find vehicles before they appreciate & I told everyone to snag 996s over the last 2-3 years, and 550 Maranellos 5 years ago...and now my 15 yr old son is about to get his permit, and I told him that I'd buy an old beater to teach him how to drive a stick, so that he can eventually drive my 996 (*only with me of course) and I have been looking on CL & FB Marketplace for 5 speed xterras for the past couple of weeks and there are a lot out there. Good Luck ~ !
Advanced Driver

I went with my pal to help him buy a new 2000 silver 4x4 Xterra that he still daily drives. I love the look! Just saw him/ it the other day. A new radiator was his latest repair but it's been pretty durable and 'cheap' to own. Wonder if he got the strawberry milkshake or whatever it's called.
New Driver

If you are looking for an Xterra (or Frontier), beware of the next generation (2005-2007) since they had a class-action suit concerning the timing chains on the 4.0L V-6 models. Also, they had big problems with the automatic transmissions on these same engines. I have a 2006 Frontier on which the auto trans failed at 100k, but other than expensive repair, it has been a good vehicle (currently at 140k).

Hey, thanks. I will go look now. My current winter beater, a Lexus RX 350 approaching 100K miles on the odometer, is completely boring, mostly because it is perfectly built but has seats completely lacking in support, sort of like sitting in a 1970's living room.

Every time I look at the Land Rover (or anything British, really) I have flashbacks to my MGB, but it is always nice to be reminded that no one needs a $15,000 transmission replacement.

Well I don't agree with the opening comments about Land Rovers as I had them for years and loved them, and they were extremely rugged (until someone on their phone plowed into there back of my last one). Can't justify the expense any more as I am retired, but I have a 2012 Frontier with a five speed. I use it for one thing: towing my 19 foot trailer int e summer to camp grounds. If only it had about 40 more horses...
Pit Crew

I got one of these after coming off a stormy relationship with a BMW E39 Touring. There are items in that engine compartment that will make a grown man cry (Google the #6 spark plug), and the thing was a primitive throwback even in 2004. The latter is, of course, why this vehicle is so wonderful. You won't win any speed contests, but you'll be able to keep up off-road with anything this side of a Jeep CJ. Great truck.
Pit Crew

Xterra is the best Jeep that Jeep never built. I have a 2015, the last year. I've been trying to replace it for three years, but I can't. There is nothing new on the market that can match the Xterra. Body on frame construction (the same frame as the big Nissan Titan), a strong naturally aspirated V6 with ample torque and power, high towing capability, relative comfort, and most important, analog controls and minimal electronic intrusion.They will all be future collectibles, but I don't really care, it's what they do so well today that makes the Xterra exceptional.
Advanced Driver

The Xterra uses the same frame as a Frontier, not the Titan.
Intermediate Driver

My 2006 Xterra is awesome. Having fixed the potential trans coolant mix issue long ago it's been flawless. Just oil changes and recently replaced all the hoses and belt. A couple years ago I swapped a complete Pathfinder LE harness, body control module, leather front seats and auto climate control. basically my Xterra is a Pathfinder from the front door up with all the luxury but the look of the Xterra. My 4.0 V6 engine has excellent low end torque and if needed can leave behind most cars at the light. The 4 wheel drive is good for the small plow I use to plow my driveway. I'm keeping mine forever.
Pit Crew

Everyone who I knew who bought a Land Rover new found it to be an unreliable difficult to own vehicle. Always surprised that people want to collect something that was a lousy vehicle to own brand new. Loads of Xterras in CO. All ages, all colors, all prices.