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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Your trailing arms are too short to box with Carl

This is a story about trailing arms.


Midday Saturday, Carl took the trailing arms outside and began to wire-brush them clean. This struck me as odd.


“There was this thing,” I said, “where, several weekends ago, in this very shop, I kept trying to make parts of this car nicer. Ben made fun of me for it. Because the rest of the car is so … crap.”


“He was right,” Carl said flatly, still brushing.


“But you are making those arms … nicer.”


“I am.”


My brow furrowed. “I don’t understand.”


Warm smile. “You probably shouldn’t.”


Know the rear suspension of a 2002, you know half the car and much of BMW in the latter half of the last century ... Read the full column on



Nicely done, very enjoyable read.

Advanced Driver

Reminds me of my younger days!


What's the Dunce cup for?


Anyone who's ever been been part of a wacky group effort like this is slowly nodding and smiling....


Love that b/w photo of the disassembled (dismembered?) rear sub-frame.  Sway bar and swing arms at rest.  Liquid Wrench and the implements of destruction scattered about. 

Intermediate Driver

have an old SVRA 02 on it's way from FL. soon,so I'll be diving back in to its resto with both feet in the next couple month's once the new shop is dried in and the lift is up..After having done all of the above for so long for other folks for a living in my shop in Santa Rosa for 20 odd years,I am looking forward to creating one for myself again...and my passion which consumed most of my life,becoming a fun hobby once more...see you guys at the track...;-)

New Driver

Said in a slow, sexy latin accent, "I don't read Hagerty articles often, but when I do, I read Sam Smith."  


And while some would say your endeavours are akin to putting lipstick on a pig, I'd respond, "But that's one hell of a beautiful shade of red!"  


Sam, I've been loving these recent articles about the inane and insane progress meted out on what, admittedly, is a "lost cause", (why else are we here?

Honestly and transparently, it's so The Gang can re-assemble, and for that, you're to be commended. More than commended... 

I love all your friends, as they either were just like many of mine, or were, in part me, (the beer-swilling...) but I also love you

Your sharing of these so-powerful memory-stirring scenarios, along with some recent very personal painful experiences, serve to form bridges across multiple spans. 

KNOW that you have helped any number of people, in areas far from merely automotive. 


Hagerty Employee

You're making restoring a car sound like fun. 

Community Manager

Don't fall for it. 🙂