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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: You wouldn't think it's a toothbrush | Hagerty Media

Fifteen years ago, I had no idea what an Ariel Atom felt like. Then I tested one on a back road in Oregon and recalled the old saw: Most cars drive about like they look. Every Atom ever sold looks as crazy as a shoe full of bees.

Oh, man, what a great piece. Back to Luckenbach, old son. Hoo-ah!

Wonderful article Sam! Love it. Not enough to go out and buy an Atom. I don't have that sort of money to throw at a vehicle I won't drive on the regular road a lot!

Then again, several of the people, rummaging around in my head, think we should find an older Atom, with a blown engine, and figure out how to put a Small block Chevy or Ford in there with a T5 and figure out just how much torque the rear end can absorb on it's way to Valhalla. 🙂

What? Yes, we could put a supercharger on it too...

You never really write about cars, do you? No slight intended, but rather, admiration.
Pit Crew

What the actual hell is wrong with you? Get a coffee maker with a thermal carafe that turns itself off.
Then go drive something.

Mr. Smith, I trust that your beleaguered bride does not moonlight as your proofreader because if she absorbs the passage referring to an innate inability to turn off a coffee maker, you might discover the intimacies of sleeping with said device as opposed to her warm body...
Advanced Driver

Well, if you want the feel of an Atom (well, sort of...) but have a shoestring budget, go get an old sandrail buggy. I know it's not "quite" the same, but it's all open air body work. Less in front to deflect anything than an Atom, really. And it can be exhilerating (and scary) performance wise, depending on just how hopped up that old Bug motor is... or if it has something bigger, like a Porsche or Corvair, or even a V-8 attached to the transaxle. I've driven a couple, and the V-8s just don't handle well. But then I'd take a 289 Cobra over a 429 any day, for the same reason, just at opposite ends (too much weight on one end messes up handling). I'd take quick and nimble over a drag strip mauler any day!
Pit Crew

Impressive- I keep finding all the stories I want to read about cars at Hagerty, and by writers of your caliber. Amazing, I’m happy now.
Intermediate Driver

This article made go back again to my addiction of going to the websites of the Factory Five 818S, the Radical RXC GT Road and the Ultima RS, cars I'll probably never own but drool over them anyway.