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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: You need this book more than we needed a Cadillac Escalade EXT

John Phillips wrote columns. I know because I have read all of them. Or at least it feels that way. Ingesting the man's writing is like watching Sunday-morning cartoons: You start, looking for a distraction from eating or sleeping or breathing, and an eyeblink later, it's noon on a Tuesday, you are still in pajamas, [...]

Has anyone considered how incredibly ironic the name Ferrari Purosangue is, when attached to an SUV?
Advanced Driver

I've heard 4th wives are underrated. Dad's best friend swears his 4th wife is the best yet.
Intermediate Driver

I still read Phillips' 2000 review of the Rolls Royce Corniche when I'm feeling down. I'm definitely picking this book up.

Nick, THANK YOU for the C/D link! I'm sure I read it 22 years ago, but I read it again and I can barely see my screen thru the tears of laughter! Haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you again.
Advanced Driver

Never thought I would envy a UPS driver.

As most here will recall, Phillips was a favorite target of the often dim-witted folks who wrote letters to C/D "Backfires." I now regret not writing to express my gratitude for his refusal to compromise his gifts as a person who writes for a living. He wrote wonderfully.

The man sounds like a WONDERFUL acquaintance.
Anyone who gets accolades from both Jay Leno and P.J. O'Rourke should be listened to.

On Cadillac pickups: there had been some gorgeous ones made, years ago.
They were called Flower Cars.
Intermediate Driver

And someday I will miss seeing one, hopefully through no fault of my own.

A resonantly funny quote from a Car and Driver review of the 964 RS America, where JP-III laments its lack of AC: "To air is human, forgive design."
Advanced Driver

Authentic laugh out loud, as a wise person once said. The Phillips piece had me snorting Cheerios out of my nose. Someone owes me a keyboard.

Never eat around a computer, always eat around an iPad. Was fishing once when a friend blew Oreo cookies out his nose he was so humored at me ripping the lips off the fish as I was setting the hook. I got the last laugh on that outing. Good luck on the keyboard !
Advanced Driver

"Returned my drinks to the regional water table"...priceless !
I almost always enjoyed Phillips' columns and what seemed his general and almost whimsical irascibility. C/D is but a shadow of its former self nowadays, now that the wit is mostly in the Backfires section, but I digress. Enjoyed his story in HDC, though I got the feeling he was holding back. I'll definitely read his book. The Bitterroot is not for the faint of will.
PS: I'd never guess that MLP means My Little Pony...

The article said gross insubordination. The question is how gross? Does it involve bodily fluids? Does it involve driving a Pontiac Aztec? The world may never know.
Intermediate Driver

Story telling as an art, Certainly Sam's intro is a story in itself, yet will definitely take in Mr. Phillip's hard work soon. Never stop driving, cheers

A big part of my job involves reading - so reading on my down time tends to be largely limited to skimming these articles - but from what I have read of the book via your photos... looks interesting so who knows.
On the other hand, don't turn your work into your hobby and vice versa. Of course as an ex-mechanic who tinkers on cars i'm not real good at taking my own advice
New Driver

For a guy that says he doesn't review books well, this is a great review, at least for Sam Smith. I've been reading his stuff since he first started writing for Road & Track and always have liked it. Still do. I'll go out and order Philips's book and likely enjoy it for many of the same reasons that I like Sam's writing. Or Peter Egan's. Or Carl Hiaasen's. Or even Hunter Thompson's, recognizing that Thompson was oft times way too "out there". Or any number of other people who look at the world and life and (yes) cars from some slightly skewed perspective that perceives the world in a way that makes the rest of us stop and think about things just a little differently. So, thank you Sam for continuing to write the way you do. I'll keep reading.
Intermediate Driver

Sh**t that makes you laugh (hard) out loud and makes your dog look at you. From when excessively huge was kinda weird- "The Cadillac wreath on the EXT's nose is 6.25 inches across, as big as your average acorn squash."
Intermediate Driver

"Toad Hall button." !!! =:0D
Oh, sorry Sam. Were you writing something?