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Smithology: When you're on the way to fix a 2002, and your 2002 breaks | Hagerty Media

Welcome back to The Weissrat Chronicles, Sam Smith's ongoing tale of dragging an $1800 BMW 2002tii back to life in off-hours and weekends, when he's not busy testing new cars for Hagerty. This is the sixth installment in a series-if you're not caught up, the rest can be found here (ONE), here (TWO), here (THREE), here (FOUR), and here (FIVE).

Had a buddy buy a 2002 years ago. Looked much like the one here. It was missing most of the body and the engine was roached out with a trashed interior.

He was want to be car guy. Well we told him to sell it as fast as he could as there was just not anything worth salvaging. He had already over paid for the car.

So he sold it and went and bought a Corvette. It looked good till I was working on it and found sand paper in the side scoop. I then found half the floor had been replaced and it has frame work. It has been hit in the side. He gave up on cars not long after that as he really had no clue and never asked of help when we had offered it.

Too bad your buddy got such a rough start. I didn't even know I was gonna be a "car guy" until I bought my first one and got frustrated paying huge money for mundane repairs that I thought I should attempt myself. A few minor successes early on was all it took and now fifty years later I still get the same satisfaction from DIYing everything I can. So discouraging that your buddy is likely left with a sour taste from an endeavor he wanted to enjoy.
Pit Crew

No sour taste here.... after 35+ years non-stop with these cars, this is just part of the fun! And fun it is! No matter what! **almost**. 🙂
Intermediate Driver

Okay, Sam. I am not sure that I would let you in my shop, period. Especially when you say, "pair of derpy wooden sticks in a cramped shop". In the first photo, I see a Pair of "derpy aluminum sticks" on each side of your feet. If you don't know the difference, I certainly don't want you putting ANY mild steel tubing in my vehicle. It would probably say PVC on the side of it. BUT, I do love your entertaining, never-ending saga of your BMW's.
Advanced Driver

Knowing most of the people involved, it's such a hoot to read the dialog and automatically hear their voices in my head.
Intermediate Driver

Hopefully, you’ll drive up the road to Hot Springs in May for the Vintage. In years past, Rob Siegel always had the 02 with the "best patina”. It’s your turn to unseat him from his “high horse”. We look forward to your being there!!
Pit Crew

Siegel highlights his rust! I've seen him do it! He uses "Just For Hack" fake patina car coloring! Don't let him fool ya.


So this is what it's like to be into BMW's? Hmmm... Kinda like being into Mopars, or even some Pontiac guys I know. I dig it! I'm a 60's GM, mostly A-body, guy, but I understand the allure of just being there in the moment, thrashing on a hulk, just for the purpose of doing it with, like minded, friends.
Makes me think about those two '64 Chevelles I looked at last year in Sleep Eye... Sure the 4-door was really junky, but the engine and tranny were good and would slide into the open space in the 2-door post that was mostly there. Well, except for the bits of floor, trunk and rockers that had exited via the corrosion zone. I think the frame was good. The missing interior bits and some other things that could be rescued from the 4-door, or my parts stash would move that project along nicely. Hmmm..... As the snow melts slowly up here, in the Great White North, I wonder if they're still available?

I have a pretty good meat market not far from my shop (24 x 40 with a 12 foot ceiling); I also have a couple Mig welders, a pile of parts, a grill or two... There are several real good local breweries close by, I think they even deliver. Hmmm... So, what kind of beer do you guys drink? 🙂
Pit Crew

That level of rust might be subject to illegal weight reduction penalties.