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Smithology: Treat her like a Fairlady

Four score and seven lifetimes ago, Nissan launched the 370Z. Or that’s how it feels, at least. An affordable sports car, one of the few left in the business, unveiled at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show. An anachronistic gift to an industry, then as now, rapidly abandoning simple and fun cars in favor of trucklets and dowdy-cow CUVs. A kinder time, maybe, and a world possibly also possessed of a longer attention span. Less enamored of yelling, at minimum.


No matter. We got another gift this week, a concept. Flawed, perhaps, but a gift nonetheless. Nissan calls it Proto Z ...


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Just picked up a new gen 05 350z automatic convertible with 112k on it, my now 19th ZCar...   What an awesome very impressive performance machine this car is... Previously had s130 and z31 cars, what a difference... The new 400z should also be a great performer... Buy the z, buy the z, buy the beautiful z...!!!

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