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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: The flame fuel was fun

A Conversation With the Author's Great-Granddaughter*, Wherein Your Narrator Considers His Life Among Internal Combustibles and Also Eats Too Many Snacks *This great-granddaughter does not currently exist. My two children are now six and eight. The following conversation is set six or seven decades after present day and imagines this fictional descendant around high-school age.
Pit Crew

Great as always! I’ve been thinking, the oil companies should start marketing gasoline “freedom fluid”.
Advanced Driver

Officer I've got red diesel in my tank cause it's freedom fuel. I'm starting a red white blue vibe with the red diesel 😉

Love it! What a future this portends!
Intermediate Driver

Hello, Smith. But. If I may, I would like to henceforth refer to you as "Frugal Funster."

I'm also assuming that wheelchair had a BMW Roundel from a semi-comatose 02 glued to the seat back. Because Crapcar. XXOX
Advanced Driver

Classic device: the protagonist and a foil character. I think of King Lear and his Fool, for example. The Fool has more fun, like the Great-Great-Granddaughter here, mocking the oldster. She echoes the Fool's best line: "Thou should have been wise before thou hadst been old." Yep, Mr. Sam, you and Bill Shakespeare, brothers by another mother, or something like that.

Contrarian opinion, but this is the worst thing you've ever written. Everytime a point is being made, it trips over idiot slapstick, falls on its face, and changes the subject. I hope I don't end up a blithering idiot who can't make a single coherant point when I'm old, but I sure as hell don't want to read about it. Only an opinion, your a badass writer, don't stop what your doing.