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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Stay of execution

It was too awful to die and too good to kill. That was the first decision.


The second decision involved wheels. Gotta find some Alpina Borranis, I thought. Old Borranis are the caviar of steel wheels. Car was too scruffy for alloys, but you have to aim high somehow. And anyway, decisions move you forward. Got enough stagnant projects already.


I strapped the BMW onto the trailer, walked to the back, and shut the trunk. A piece of brown oxide the size of my palm came off in … well, my palm.


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Waiting with baited breath for ACT II to begin....


Friends don't do that to friends. 😞

New Driver

I felt this. As the owner of a mostly-rust 85 D150. Bought it for $1200. Probably 3x what it's worth. You do it because you have to, even if the rationale comes later.

Pit Crew

this could be amazing. Especially if Paul is involved.

New Driver

Sam - have a great picture of the rear shock tower being welded. Contact the shop for my email. 


Fire and Rain is the James Taylor song written about Suzanne Schnerr. Tell Ben that 🙂 Maybe Suzanne, written by Leonard Cohen?

New Driver

My friend Phil suggested that we should comb the interior for James Taylor DNA and raise a bunch of little JTs to use as servants and minions to help out around the shop. 


Around 10 years ago, I passed on a mere carb-equipped 2002 in very similar shape (in trade for a Fuji Go-Devil foldable pit-bike). Fortunately, I was able to fast-forward my way through the experience of saving the car while standing there, in my imagination. It was quite satisfying, but also terrifying enough that I just GAVE my buddy the Go-Devil as a thanksgiving-offering for my narrow escape. Have fun, Sam! Or start looking for a Go-Devil (their value has also spiked recently, along with anything pre-1973ish).


Officer:  "Ok, sir, put the ice cream down and step back."

SS:  "Too late, copper, I've already eaten four spoons full."

SS brandishes spoon.

Officer: "Weapon!! Take him down!!"

Blaze of gunfire.  SS slumps to the floor.  Blood and melted ice cream slowly flow together.

Bystander:  "I hear he was a stand-up guy, but ice cream will do that to a person."


Sounds something like my '79 K10 plow truck, bought from a friend 12 years back for $1200. Which was the value of the plow, as the truck hadn't one repairable panel.  A case of wine to his neighbor secured another decent truck for panels and a catalog supplied the rest. Eventually restored to the unending entertainment of my buddy and appreciation of total strangers, and proof of dumb luck reigning supreme, as GM squre-bodies are now sought after and I might break cage that tii and pound away until you collapse in laughter !


I can’t wait to hear more!  Love the tii zombie & the writing. I’ve been around a tii most of my life (#007) & they’re worth it! Summer driving coast to coast multiple times, sans A/C, and wouldn’t trade it for a n y t h I n g.  Thanks for sharing!