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Smithology: Shigeru’s machine.

Starting any car requires a series of events. In this case, the car in question is neither all that old nor all that new, so let’s just ballpark and say that those events number in the thousands, and not hundreds of thousands or millions.


Countless lines of code must be executed. Oil must be in certain places. Pistons and gears and shafts and bearings must either move or allow movement. Then there are the simpler variables—tire pressure and battery voltage, injectors flowing something like the proper amount of fuel, and so on.


When you own a car, you occasionally think on that list of events. Or maybe I’m the only one, and maybe most people don’t.


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That was lovely. And it was lovely the way you didn't talk down to your kid. You'll be proud of her some day. I also love your description of the geography. And the joy of driving. 


One thing: you're a bit young to be talking about fudging less with age. I'm... well lets just say I was born early in the Eisenhower Administration. My foot remained heavy on the gas until about eight years ago. It's amazing how much lighter it's gotten. And only a little by design. But I still love driving almost as much as my six year old self expected I would. 

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