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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Lands never to be cruised, now.

We have lost the Land Cruiser. Gone next year, done in by the twin demons of low sales and product planning. The Toyota has been discontinued for America after 2020, and once it goes, it may never come back.


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Pit Crew

"Get older and make more budget."


Wise words.


Marion should get more travel. (Is she the one who took the trip in the 2CV with you?) With her terrific comments, she could help you make more budget. 



Love the socks.


That LC name is older than you think. Studebaker built a Land Cruiser sedan into the ‘50s.  I turned one over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  I have a “Land Cruiser in a Tuxedo,” a 1997 Lexus LX450.  The most bullet-proof vehicle I have ever owned.  Tight, quiet, rugged.  I believe it could climb a tree but the wheels can’t gain purchase.  Superbly built vehicles.  But after ‘97 Toyota started to Soccer Mom them a little.

Intermediate Driver

I owned a '71 Land Cruiser for about 18 years.  I bought it in 1979 and the floors had already rusted out of it.  But it was still a lot better than the CJ Jeeps of the time.  I used it for many years as my Upstate New York winter vehicle.  Back then, I was still storing my favorite summer cars during the winter months.  Every September, I would pull the Land Cruiser out of storage and begin rebuilding it for the upcoming winter.


They were tough vehicles and I loved mine.  But they were anything but upscale or luxurious.  Even with a Man-A-Fre exhaust header, the thing would SCREAM at anything over 55 mph.  By the time I sold it, the thing had dozens of metal patches and plates welded onto the body.  They didn't handle salt very well, but went thru snow and mud with ease.  I still miss mine, but don't know what I would do with it if I still had one.