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Smithology: It's all part of the plan, and the plan is all of parts

“That is a lot of parts.”


I thought for a moment. Then I squinted at the pile of boxes just inside our front door and felt my head tilt toward a shoulder. It later occurred to me that our dog produces the same gesture when outsmarted by squirrels.


“Is it?”


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When I was a teenager, learning to work on cars, the local NAPA was the only place to get parts.  It was also a font of wisdom in learning to wrench on cars.  The old guys who worked there knew every part they sold, how it worked, what other cars it would interchange with, how to get the old one off, how to get it on, what other things you were going to need to make that happen, etc.  I learned more mechanical knowledge from those long-gone old guys than from any other source in my lifetime.  Nowadays, I dread going to local parts stores.  First, their prices are almost always much higher than online sellers, but the 16-year-olds who work there are complete morons.  Unless they can punch the make, model and year of a car into their computer, they are lost.  I am in the midst of rebuilding an old Corvette.  Since I don't have a garage, my wrenching season is limited to good weather.  So, winter becomes parts ordering time.  A couple winters ago, I filled my basement with enough parts to start my own auto parts store, then went crazy until Spring anticipating getting them all installed.  Naturally, my dreams were bigger than my ability to remove old parts and get the new ones installed, so by the end of that wrenching season, I still had more parts left in the basement that needed installed.  Then the winter parts ordering season came again, and my hoard grew yet again.  And the vicious cycle continues....  The Corvette is getting better day by day though!

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