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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: I'm building another Caterham. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? | Hagerty Media

Hi! Are you one of those people who loves learning about the strange corners of the new-car universe? Do you like quirky little machines steeped in history and performance? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you threw off all your cares and bought an eminently affordable adrenaline fire hose brimming with [...]
Pit Crew

Are you offering any kind of Caterham internship for area residents that like to work on cars, but aren't amazingly skilled at it? 🙂
Pit Crew


The very best overview and insight into the Seven I have ever read. You get it! And this is from a besotted fool who has gone coast to coast and border to border in a solid axle, skinny tired 1968 Seven with 84 horsepower and a permanent grin.
Advanced Driver

"A cross between a suit of armor with an engine and a very large and particularly feisty pair of pants." Incredible imagery, and spot on. Brilliant.
Advanced Driver

Also, "...fencing with England's id."
Advanced Driver

Sam: Only a real 'Trooper' would delve so deeply and meticulously into a project such as this! Here's to the success of your project!! 🙂
Advanced Driver

Whatever Sam Smith is getting paid, it's not enough.
I have to wonder how orgasmic one of these would be with a proper - 6 or 8 cylinders, because I'm sure 12 won't fit - soundtrack ?

A 6 or an 8 would be like one of those V8 motorcycles - it can be done but, your better half would check to be sure your life insurance policy is up to date. Also, didn't someone build a motorcycle with a Lambo 12?
Intermediate Driver

"African swallow..."
Intermediate Driver

Drove an early one that had a BMC A series engine in it. I think the small engine worked well in it and kept it fun. Never driven any other, but my guess is that too much power might make it a different car. Noted that in England the lowest priced model possibly had a small 3 cylinder engine in it? Seems that this might be fun.
Advanced Driver

Intermediate Driver

Hands down, one of my favorite sports cars of all times. Ever since I first saw it way back in '69-'70 on the TV program, "The Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan, I've always wanted one. Yes I know that one was a Lotus 7, but it's still "THE CAR" that I wished for. Alas, they are always out of my budget to own one. But I still can dream. 🙂
Advanced Driver

Am I the only one who has "Super Seven" stuck in my head? I just always refer to them that way.

Great article. This is a bucket list item of mine. So much so that I almost don't care that the kit price seems ridiculously high.
New Driver

Finally made time to read this (which has been shared widely among the faithful).

Loved it. You capture the essence of why I chuckle whenever anyone says "The correct answer is always Miata." It's not. The correct answer is always a Seven. Maybe even two.

See you sometime later this year, Mr. Smith.
Advanced Driver

I have often thought back to the article you wrote for R&T about driving a Caterham around Wales. It struck me at the time that you had never been more happy in an automobile, and I have not read any of your pieces since that would change that impression.

I was also taken, like the commenter above, with the "large and feisty" pair of pants trope. It reminded me of a raunchy Lord Chombedley joke that will not bear the retelling in these circumstances. Another time.
Advanced Driver

That would be "Lord Cholmondeley," pronounced in Britain as "Lord Chumley."