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Smithology: Homebound from the lost and found

I have two children. Little girls, ages five and seven. My sister, a charming, 35-year-old psychopath named Sarah, likes to come to my house and throw cards at them.


The first time this happened, I charted the pattern: The kids walked into the room. Sarah, playing solitaire on the coffee table, arched her eyebrows. She waved the kids over. They took the bait, because they are five and seven. You take a lot of bait at five and seven ...


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I take my dog walking in a local woodland. We first entered that place last summer. We went in me not knowing the territory at all--about 4 1/2 miles of trails, and each time I'd go a bit farther, or take a new trail. For five months there was always mystery of not knowing quite where I was, and once I even had to let the dog lead me back to where I knew where I was. Now I know the place as well as I know my neighborhood. I often like to remember the mystery I felt at certain points on the trails, but I miss the mystery. 

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