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Smithology: Homebound from the lost and found

I have two children. Little girls, ages five and seven. My sister, a charming, 35-year-old psychopath named Sarah, likes to come to my house and throw cards at them.


The first time this happened, I charted the pattern: The kids walked into the room. Sarah, playing solitaire on the coffee table, arched her eyebrows. She waved the kids over. They took the bait, because they are five and seven. You take a lot of bait at five and seven ...


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When I was a teenager mu group of friends and kin owned LBCs (little British cars). After church and and Sunday dinner we would get together and head for the Blue Ridge Parkway. There would usually be an Austin-Healey 3000, an MG Midget, a TR3, an MGA ,and my '65 MGB. We would be driving along the Parkway and whomever was leading the way would spot a gravel road and whip down it to just see how lost we could get. On those gravel roads we might even get a chance to 'drift' around some of those unexpected curves. What a carefree life. Just last year I bought another early MGB, same Primrose Yellow except 50 years later. Sometimes it seems I'm trying to relive my childhood. It's not quite the same but it sure is fun!