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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Gone away

Years ago, my mother drove a Volvo 240. An automatic wagon, navy blue, bought new in 1985. A car you used to see everywhere, dotting freeways and side streets, right up until you didn’t, on that day when they all seemingly disappeared into junkyards to rust away. Gone, at least from daily sight ...


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Intermediate Driver

Excellent essay. Best to you and your family. 

Advanced Driver

I'm glad you still have your father; otherwise, no words. 

Pit Crew

Beautiful article.  I hope all of us have a happy life and go in our sleep.  May the pain recede and the happy memories endure. 

Pit Crew

Heartfelt and embracing story. Sorry you had to lose your Mum so young. Glad your Dad seems to be able to move on, or at least find an outlet to cope with his loss too. As maybe you have. Godspeed on his journey, may he find happiness and maybe a new partner to share it with...

Stu A



This beautifully written story takes me back 20 years to the deaths of my own parents.  They died 6 weeks apart.  Like Sam, I was young and felt so much of my own life ahead of me.  Yet I knew that something that had always been, would never be again. 


We knew that our mother would die many months ahead of the fact and that our father would never survive the loss.  After their passing, everything still seemed much the same, yet everything was different.  This story reminded me of those feelings. 


Please accept my sincere regrets for your loss.

Pit Crew

My condolences, Sam... but you gave your mom the parting gift that we all knew you could give, better than anyone else in the business. Now we all miss her, too...


Advanced Driver

Sweet and full of love. Thanks, Sam.


This is so beautiful, I sit here in tears. So much love in your house, cars and now RV. Love to your dad and your beautiful family. -Alli

Intermediate Driver

A well written and heartfelt piece. I lost my mom 2 years ago and this brought tears to my eyes as well as some good memories. Thank you for your story.


great story.

Intermediate Driver

Beautiful and well-written. I lost my beautiful wife of 35 years to a sudden heart attack. I only wish I could have said goodbye. I lost my mom four months later. I tell those that have lost someone dear to them, it never gets better, it just gets different.

Intermediate Driver

Sam, so sorry to hear about your mother's passing.  What a beautiful tribute both to her memory and to your father's efforts to endure his grief.  I live in your former west coast town, and he is welcome to park his RV in my driveway anytime.   

Intermediate Driver

Sam, I very much enjoy your writing - mostly I can hear your joy.  Although this story was slightly different, the love you have for your Mom and Dad is very apparent - likely difficult, but there is joy in difficult memories too.  Please accept my condolences for the loss of your mom - may she rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her and your whole family.


Sure got dusty in here all of a sudden. Great article. 


A moving story about good people.  Bob P.

Pit Crew

Beautiful article, Sam. My sincere condolences on your mothers passing. What wonderful memories you must have of your mom and dad "in the good old days". Remember the good times with your parents and cherish the one's now with your wife and children. Times certainly are changing with this crazy pandemic situation. I certainly weep for the future of our children and grandchildren. My wife and I have both lost our parents at different times. At the time of their passing it certainly leaves a void in your "family dynamics". That person is no longer around to talk to, laugh with and discuss current affairs or what's going on in your lives and your children's lives. Your article struck home with me. Last August we lost our son (age 37) from a ruptured aorta valve to his heart. Losing a child is horrible to say the least. A child shouldn't pass before a parent does but, life sometimes throws us curve balls. His anniversary is slowly approaching (22) and as it gets closer the grieving is still there but hopefully with time it will get better.  We should live each day the best we can. Keep the memories of our loved ones who have passed in our minds to not forget all the great times we had with them in this world. I guess perhaps, there is no more suffering. It's horrible to see individuals suffering daily and when the time comes they go to sleep never to wake up again. I'm sure your dad is still thinking of your mom and the time's they had together. Those thoughts are what keeps us going, I guess. It would get lonely at times but, we must strive on. That would what your mom would want your dad to do. He'll never forget her I'm sure. He still has you and your family to connect with and he can watch your children grow. He can probably see a little bit of your mom in your daughters which I'm sure will bring a smile to his face at some point. Watching grandchildren grow is fascinating because there is a part of you in them. I can only wish the best for you, your dad and your family as life must go on. I'm a Canadian living in Northern Ontario and certainly enjoy these heart felt stories of families. All the best to you during this crazy COVID. It certainly puts a damper on your daily "normal" routine.



Craig (SS) 


Wonderful article. I wish you and your family only the happiest memories such as yours.



Sam, I didn’t think I’d tear up when checking out the latest Hagerty email on a Saturday morning. Enjoy every moment with your father and family because time is moving quickly. The journey is usually more important than the destination.


This article hits home a bit as I also lost my mother to cancer when she was only 64, far too young. What a great job putting your feelings and thoughts in this story. I can only offer my condolences and thanks for sharing. Drive on!


I'm older, and lost my parents many years ago, but stories like this one always touch me.  I know what you mean about the Volvo- I bought a well-used '75 245 wagon back in '82 when my life was being uprooted and travel was going to happen.  That wagon dependably took me to 29 states and Vancouver Island, and unexpectedly back.  It finally found rest on a farm in Vermont as animal habitat, after my son had driven it until the body's rust got it.  I appreciate your stories- all of them.

Pit Crew

It probably helped that the emotional wallop of a lost parent can run tidal, strong one day and quieter the next.

Thank you,  Sam, that sentence rings true for me today: you captured the thought perfectly.


Great story Sam. Glad you were able to spend time with your dad on the road trip. Sorry to hear about your mom. 


Great story told by a loving son!  Good Job!


Wonderful story, well said and with the love for your mother throughout. It reminded me of time spent my parents, both gone now. My condolences to you and your family.

Intermediate Driver

There isn’t much anyone can say that helps with grief. In the words of a man I greatly admire (Andrew Klavan), grief is a desert you have to cross on foot. It’s slow and painful, and all you can do is put one foot in front of the other until you’re across.


I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the heart and soul you pour into your writing. You’re one of the greats.