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Hagerty Employee

Smithology Fiction: He mostly just remembered the wait

The planes hadn't flown that morning. They flew every morning, but that day, the sky was empty and quiet. Gone were the ever-present cargo jets; gone even were the light Cessnas that sometimes droned into the air to shoot approaches all day, their pilots traveling nowhere but privileged enough to pay for the time outdoors.

Dam* that's sad. 😪
Advanced Driver

" rationing set in and pigment grew rare..." How much more bleak could it be? The answer is none; none more bleak.
Pit Crew

Reminds me of the Rush song, Red Barchetta. Hopefully the future is not this dismal.
Intermediate Driver

No, no, NO!

The "inevitable" future is awesome! Just ask the Teslaratti. Or the CARB. Or the crew of the ship full of luxury BEVs burning in the Atlantic.

It's so bright, I have to wear shades!
New Driver

Love Sam’s writing, but this is sad. Please get him on some medication!
Advanced Driver

U gotta be kiddin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U sent this to me on a Saturday morning to read? Realllllly?????????????????????? Shades of more doom and sadness. Shades of Orwellian "humor". Really? Has Hagerty gone mad?
Intermediate Driver

Thank you Sam. The "wait" will come for all of us and when it does we will find that our thoughts turn to events from our past. That old Dodge with the hammer / dolly body and rattle can finish we raced against the big dogs now shines like a showroom trailer queen. The beer is colder and the girls are always prettier. The hundred or more cross country road trips were more adventuresome and that summer in Mexico - well that's a story unto itself.

I spent many hours sitting on that porch in a rocker with peeling paint with a friend to whom the "wait" had come. I had done the same as a child of 9 with my Great-Grandfather. Both told me of their life stories, lives well lived. Both had a special gleam in their eye when talking, their words surrounded me and made me feel that I was a part of their adventures and their failings. I cherish those moments and hope that somehow I made the "wait" a bit more bearable for them.

I know the wait is stalking me, I can feel it lurking around the corner. I drive pick-ups and large SUV's because I cannot navigate my way into a sedan. Folding my frame into my wife's TR6 is a dream of the past. Simple tasks like painting a wall or changing the oil have become hours long projects. Heaven forbid I should be faced with a blown head gasket!

Soon, for me, and eventually for you the "wait" will come. Hopefully it will treat us with grace and dignity.
Pit Crew

"...but privileged enough to pay for the time outdoors." Hoping the term is used for one of its other meanings and not as used in today's language... I come here to escape from the day to day, and I also don't consider having my collector cars airplane the result of much "privilege" beyond a lot of long hours, hard work and good decisions. Apologies....this is a sore point for me...

Appreciate how good we've got it now. We in the U.S.A. live at an amazing intersection of human comforts: painless dentistry, a vast array of liquors available nearby for moderate cost, the sum of humanity's knowledge accessible in the palm of our hand, free mobility (if you stay off toll roads), no threatening military massing at our border, skies worthy of photographs more often than not, a government that hasn't yet summoned the gall to seize our accounts without reason, etc. etc. etc. Appreciate it now because it's too good to last.
Advanced Driver

The fact of the matter is that--if we trust only in this life, our "environment", our makings for life--we have placed our confidence in "nothingness". The Bible says that such a person "inherits the wind". What a sad ending indeed. However, if we view life through God's perspective, everything changes. We realize that this life is not "the end". Trusting God through Jesus, The Christ, has changed the way I look at life. Sure--there are bad things happening. If we look at ourselves as "the saviors" of the Planet or even of the Universe--things ARE going to be bleak. We know deep down in our hearts that we can't do it--we who cannot create even a gene--do we really trust ourselves to save the Planet? The older I get, the more I depend upon The God of Creation and The One Who maintains everything.
Having died 3 years ago only intensified my faith in God through The Christ. This gives me peace in a chaotic World.
Intermediate Driver

Wow, that was bleak. This is 1984 as told by a car guy.

They’ll have to pry my Miata (not mud-colored) away from my cold, dead hands. Come and take it.
Pit Crew

Deep. Dark. Damn. I'm reading this on my 66th birthday. But I can't stop reading it. Gripping and bleak, I was waiting for the soylent green wafers....
Pit Crew

Beautifully written, as are all pieces by Sam.

Even though the tone is bleaker than some might prefer, it works both as a stand-alone piece and as one of interest to we gearheads.

Thanks for this one Sam, and keep writing about what interests you. I’ll be here for it, as will many others.
Intermediate Driver

Sad story, but if we ever get to that point, I want to be the guy driving the red car (the photo looks like a blurred image of a '56 Chevy), not the one sitting on the porch with the time lock on the door.

Well if we just sit back and do nothing we will get what we don't want. We are a highly distracted society, deeply in debt and have lost any moral anchor. Not too much a surprise to see what is happening with all that in place.