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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Dark roasted.

Been on a lot of road trips lately. Safe ones, not much human contact. They resemble the trips I took months ago, just with a lot less poking around in small towns and dropping in on friends ...


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New Driver

Amazing how something like bad coffee can remind us/point us in the direction of the things we really love, whether that's cars, our friends/family/team, or the work we get to do. Thanks Sam for yet again capturing/unveiling another often overlooked truth, that when examined, immediately just seems to make sense.


Thank God I live in Melbourne Australia, the good coffee capital of the world.

Pit Crew

Late in Life I have become a bit of a coffee-connoisseur (my dear Lady actually roasts ours. In a pop-corn-popper. In the driveway.), savoring a fine Ethiopian bean or the occasional indulgence in something like a Kona blend. ahhh.


But my younger days with car-loving buds would often end in an hours-long conversation at a local all-nighter Truck Stop where the cups were endless. For better or worse. Well, better actually. The flavor (OK lots of sugar and creamer...) only enhanced great times spent with dear friends. Even now, years on, on those too-occasional meets, we will shun the boutique brews and drop back over to an all-nighter Stop and act like teenagers again. Ahhh. Can there be bad coffee??