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Hagerty Employee

Smithology: Always thought that was the engine you wanted, with a Mustang | Hagerty Media

The road ran to the horizon, as Kansas roads often do. No stoplights, just a blanket of farms, corn and sorghum waving in the wind. The air smelled of manure and wildflowers and the sticky sweetness of a late June evening, that unmistakable combination of season and place, when the gloaming is so long and dense that it settles onto land like syrup, thick enough to eat.
Intermediate Driver

That same question we've all asked someone: Is it Real?
Intermediate Driver

If you read "Always thought that was the engine you wanted, with a Mustang" while listening to The Dark Side of the Moon, you will realize the story is really a creative recall of a fever dream. This will help to explain the Lancia Delta.
Intermediate Driver

I'm not crying. You're crying.

What an elegant piece of prose. You really transported us, Mr. Smith, and I'm ready for another journey.
New Driver

I know these names from my time as a youngster reading car mags. So they’re like what, 70 or 80? So am I. I have a degree in English, but can’t write worth a damn. This one can. I was pulled in from the start by the vivid imagery. I could feel the heat, the dry air, the moving of doors, lifting of covers.
But as of yesterday, what I can do is take a next door neighbor with a project Firebird on a tear ‘em up blast down a winding country road in a 69 Mach1 set up for road racing with new ultra high performance tires that I haven’t really tried out yet . I think after that hair raiser he’ll be dreaming about the day he completes it, just as I was dreaming about the Shelby in the story.
New Driver

Another spectacular piece from Sam Smith. My wife asked what I was doing as I was staring at my iPad with a smile. I told her what I was reading (she knows Smith is my favorite writer) and said that this piece confirmed my thoughts that he should write a novel. I was only a few paragraphs in at that point; the ending only confirmed my belief.
New Driver

Oh please, please let Sam run with whatever spills forth from his head, and, let him travel more. Run Sam, run!