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Smithology: A tenth and a half, in a back pocket | Hagerty Media

On Sunday, May 30th, 2021, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted the 105th running of its signature event, the Indy 500. One of the few motorsport landmarks still capable of capturing the public fancy, it is a fest of pomp and spectacle-nearly two million dollars to win, the world's largest single-day sporting event, at the largest sports facility on earth, a feeling on the ground that can swell and sing as nowhere else.

Sam Smith is the Ansel Adams of interviewers, finding the perfect angle, the right focus, and effortless translation into the black-and-white world of text. Thank you for this dive into the inner workings of a brilliant and talented athlete.

Sam, very well done.
Hildebrand has a lot of things right. What he's talking about is stepping into one's Power. Which brings with it the focus and commitment necessary to be the best possible performance. Another
important aspect is being centered in your head about what you are doing; and leaving all other cares, issues, and so on out of your head so that the only thing that exists for you in performance is what you are doing right now.
And his Cadillac is terrific.
Intermediate Driver

This is insightful. Gone are the days when drivers, or any athletes for that matter, achieved top success on sheer talent and determination alone. Now it involves understanding the mental and physical training required. Often this involves hiring professional trainers and sports psychologists.

Excellent interview, Sam!!
J.R.Hildebrand is a Racecar Driver. The real deal.
Apparently he is a pretty smart human too.
New Driver

My favourite quote was when everything was going right, you know that someone else’s race isn’t and there is only so much of that to go around, so it was like you were stealing it from the other competitors.
Intermediate Driver

I'm so glad JR didn't let 2011 ruin him, as it certainly would have ruined many a driver. Unfortunately, everytime I hear his name, turn 4, last lap 2011 is my first thought & I can still hear myself screaming at my tv NOOOOO!!! 😖 JR isn't my driver, but I root like crazy for him at Indy ever since, well, you know. I hope he wins the 500 before he's done, he certainly deserves too 🙏