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Slowly but surely, my dueling 850s will be reborn

It made perfect sense at the time. I’d yank out the Mini’s seized engine (along with the transmission bolted to the bottom of it), install the replacement drivetrain that’s been sitting in my garage for months on end, hook it all up, and I’d have a running car by the end of the weekend. Shift linkage issues punctured the thin membrane of optimism that surrounded this project, and the car is still perched a foot and a half in the air, buried under a pile of its own parts, with a gaping emptiness in its engine bay ...


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Back in the day, after I blew up the original modified 850 motor, I swapped an MG1100 drivetrain into my Morris Mini. The easy way to do it is to hook up a come along and hang the body, unbolt the front subframe, roll it out, swap the engine and gearbox, and roll it back in. I did this by myself in my Mom's itty bitty garage with about a dozen tools to my name. I opted to use the remote shifter from the MG, way better than the wand. As I recall it required moving the starter button. With the MG1100 having been geared for 12" wheels, when installed in the 10" wheeled Mini, it was geared wonderfully for autocross and hill climbs, of which I won many that year.  A light blue early '59 it also had a Cooper S header and Alexander twin carb setup. Wonder what ever happened to it?

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