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Hagerty Employee

Slinging desert silt with two of VW's pioneering electric off-road racers

A pair of Volkswagen ID.4s made history in 2021. Tanner Faust finished the NORRA Mexican 1000 piloting a rear-wheel-drive ID.4 and, later this past fall, driver Mercedes Lilienthal and navigator Emily Winslow completed the Rebelle Rally in an all-wheel-drive ID.4.
Pit Crew

Who cares.
Advanced Driver

I was wondering how they handled charging the batteries until I read the "37-167 miles" of the stages. A standard ID.4 has a 240-249 mile range, so that wasn't a problem. I suspect the longer stages had the best roads and wouldn't eat up as much power as the harsher environments. So you could conceivably go out for a day of trails with an electric 4x4. Just have to remember that if the going is really tough you will cut your advertised ranger in half. I don't see too many people taking anything off-road for over 100 miles at a time. Might need to pack a generator to get back home though. electric is better for off-roading in one way though -- instant torque. Revving an engine up to get power then popping the clutch to get out of a hole is the best way to snap a driveshaft or axle -- and happens a lot. Won't have to do that with electric, but the torque can still twist or brake those parts if a wheel is stuck...