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Skipping generations: Bronco clay modeler keeps it in the family

One look at the new Bronco is enough to demonstrate that Ford’s reborn off-roader bears a family resemblance to the original boxy brute from 1966. Family, however, is a bigger part of that story than you might think. Molly Gillies, a clay modeler in Ford’s design department who worked on the 2021 model, isn’t the first of her kin to shape a Bronco into physical form. Her grandfather, Frank DeBono, was hired as a clay modeling supervisor at Ford in 1958. He was part of the team that brought the original ’66 model to life.


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Great story...I am 79 yr s old and still have many of my Dad's tools he had in his shop and where I fell in love with cars, trucks and any thing mechanical

New Driver