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Sixten Sason and the little-known, far-reaching legacy of automotive aerodynamics

You likely know the names of Harley Earl, Battista "Pinin" Farina, and Virgil Exner. While each of those men have helped determine the character of a historic brand, it was the lesser-known Sixten Sason who truly popularized the science of aerodynamics in automotive design. Sason didn't pen his designs for Cadillac or Ferrari or General Motors; he researched, sketched, and tooled for Saab. In many ways, Sason brought aerodynamics to mass market automobiles, beginning with the very first Saab automobile in 1945 (the Ursaab) and continuing with every Saab through the 99, unveiled in 1968. Though Sason died before the 99 was introduced, his design ethos significantly influenced the later 900 models and, through them, just about every car Saab produced.


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Kouwell ! Saab'n Tatra, on upto rd tractors, all related to jets/planes, slip stream not just for race cars, aerodynamics and industrial design...tied it all together centered on Mr Sason. Nice thinkin, even better writtin. Thanks!

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