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Hagerty Employee

Six Ways to Sunday: Motorcycle ice-capades

The sun doesn't shine much in northern Michigan during January and February. While winter reigns, two groups emerge: those who embrace the cold, and those who curl up inside, cocooned in down, wool, and their own misery awaiting the first signs of spring.
Intermediate Driver

Looks fun!

That's the definition of crazy fun. It's like tubing in the snow and other things. Sure It's 0 degrees but you just bundle up and have fun.
Pit Crew

Great adventure you're on Kyle. In addition to hill climbs and TT scrambles in Muskegon, MI, and a number of hare-n-hound and enduro races in Michigan on a '72 TS250 and then a '79 PE250. I also road for fun in the Silver Lake dunes, but my most unique experience was riding on frozen lakes, though not competitively, with sheet metal screws drilled into the lugs of trials tires. Remembering the same re how much traction on the ice, and also how smooth and controllable to hang out power sliding on turns. Even smoother with more even traction (or lack thereof..) than on the hard-pack oiled TT track. Kyle did remind me of how quickly the cold set in when stopped out on a frozen lake, especially if sweaty under layers of clothing and even more so if windy.
Though the memories are good of that winter wonderland fun, these older bones I have now would much prefer the summer fun of riding in the sand dunes and taking a dip in The Big Lake.