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Hagerty Employee

Six Ways to Sunday: Left turns only (sort of)

After three race weekends this year, I am finally hitting a groove on one thing: Packing the van. The Honda XR250R is a new challenge at every turn, with each event forcing me back to my dog-eared AHRMA handbook to ensure that both the bike and I will be legal and welcome to take to the (usually far-flung) track.
Advanced Driver

"I’m not about to turn anyone away who came to play.” That attitude makes the best kinds of racing organizations. Lots of them turn into dick measuring contests and excuses for guys who hate their wives to be pedantic about stuff

That kind of support reminds me of my days as tech inspector for the local autocross club. If someone's car didn't pass scrutineering, there were plenty of participants willing to pitch in and help rectify the problem. Inclusion was preferred to exclusion. It's a bummer to have to turn someone away because their battery wasn't secured properly or they were missing a lug nut.

Did they give you that number or did you pick it? You do know that 009 is the red shirt of the James Bond world and he is usually dead before the movie even starts right?

I picked it. I prefer 09, but that was already spoken for by AHRMA members in multiple disciplines. Never liked the small letter tacked next to numbers, and figured the easiest way was to just add the zero out front.

Can't say I knew the Bond detail. Less than ideal, but not so bad.
Advanced Driver

Years ago, I ran a motorcycle enduro. In spite of how horrible I did, at the end of the season, I was not in last place! I feel bad for the guys who finished behind me. Not finishing last is a worthy goal!