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Hagerty Employee

Six Ways to Sunday: Code word discomfort | Hagerty Media

It's worth discussing one important part of this story up front. The people I interact with seem to fall into two camps: those who embrace discomfort, and those who want nothing but comfort. In this modern society, it has never been easier to stay inside your comfort bubble.
Pit Crew

These are cool segments. My father used to have an xr250 and we still have an xr200 we use as a play bike. No matter what we ride now we always come back to the XR to meander around on. You are braver than most taking an xr250 out on a track. Good luck!
Intermediate Driver

as I sit here with excruciating back spasm, and I am old with osteoporosis, this is my daily dream to be back in my youth busting up my body on a Honda XR. I am SO THANKFUL to have grown up doing that and many other things. I seriously do dream about being able to do it and not risk my life with my osteoporosis. For those that can... HAVE FUN!
Intermediate Driver

I'm enjoying these articles from you. Hope to continue reading about your dirtventures for a long while!

Kyle, your smile in the opening photo for this article says everything anyone needs to know about your ambitions and experiences on this weekend! Good luck and personal success to you in your goals for "Six ways to Sunday".
Spent a couple of years blasting around forests and through mud on a Husqvarna 250CR many years ago as a much younger guy and can appreciate your enthusiasm.

Ditto that grin and the muddy bike shows it's an "after" shot!

Two words (well, hyphenated): Kamp-Rite!
Intermediate Driver

Just attempting the Six Ways to Sunday places you high on the embracing discomfort scale. Congratulations on completing your 1st race and good luck on the upcoming events!
Intermediate Driver

This reminded me of the Blackwater 100 race that was always held on Father's Day 40 some years ago
Intermediate Driver

As a 70+ ex enduro rider this brings back great memories. Broken bones and "arther" has kept me off the bike now for the last 5 years but I enjoyed every ride. It makes me remember my 1st enduro in the late 70's. I was riding off road but this was my first organized event and I was feeling very confident and nervous. It was 100+ miles in the mountains of Pa and everything was going well ...for the first 1/2 hour. The second test section was relentless and looong. I kept pushing all day and probably came within 5 minutes of houring out (thank God for resets!) but finally came into the finish check. The crew stuck a finisher patch in my glove hand and pointed me back to the camp. I think I ached for a week but had a blast and went back many times for more. Many stories thru the years and made many friends. Enjoy the ride!

A section of hose as an emergency seal is genius on a level I aspire to achieve.