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Hagerty Employee

Sir Sean Connery, the original Bond, dies at 90

Sir Sean Connery celebrated his 90th birthday a few short months ago, and we noted that special day by featuring James Bond’s first car, a 1961 Sunbeam Alpine II that Connery drove in 1962’s Dr. No.


Although the Sunbeam isn’t exactly the quintessential Bondmobile, it will always be the first. Likewise, Connery was the first actor to portray Agent 007. By most accounts, he was also the best.


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Pit Crew

Truly a legend! Rest In Peace Mr. Bond.


Connery was the original Bond in the Eon Productions Bond series, but Barry Nelson was the first Bond in the 1950s in a television production.

Intermediate Driver

The ONLY James Bond for me.  Rest easy 007.

Pit Crew

After "Goldfinger" I tried to figure out how to mount a pair of machine guns in my 1966 Chevy Impala (I didn't have the machine guns, but thought they would be a neat addition to my first car). 

I always liked Sean Connery as my favorite James Bond.  The rest were all OK, but he was the best.  He set the standard for the others to try to measure up to.  Yes, I will miss his acting style and elegance that he brought to every role.

New Driver

I still insist that the first bond car that he ever drove was the black 1957 Chevy convertible that he drove in Jamaica after dispensing with the chauffeur.

Advanced Driver

I've envisioned myself with a DB5.  The plate always says "BNDJBND", although it rotates of course.  For me as a kid of the 60s, Sir Connery is the only James Bond, although Daniel Craig's interpretation is entertaining.  Forget the others.

New Driver

I saw the Goldfinger Aston Martin at the World's Fair in New York in 1964 on display. Later I saw it in a vacant storefront in Provo Utah in 1979/80. Not on display just stored - very dusty. Does anyone know the travels or history of this car's life?

New Driver

When I was a kid Corgi made a replica of the Bond Aston Martin that had the pop-out machine guns.  It may have had an ejector seat, too.  Anyway, it was a prized toy at the time and like so many things in my life - particularly motor vehicles and related - I wish I’d kept it.  As for Connery:  yes, the true James Bond, but one hell of an actor and an activist for Scottish independence.  What’s not to love?

Intermediate Driver

Ian Fleming created the James Bond character & when he did, legend has it that Fleming always thought of Roger Moore (who was playing "The Saint on TV) as his Ideal "tall, handsome & witty James Bond.   This site is an interesting take on that legend & well worth reading if your a bond fan.    I think it's interesting how Sean Connery's movie role as Indiana Jones dad goes unmentioned! 



A class act!  RIP

Intermediate Driver

Hagerty, you're just getting around to this now? I thought you would have mentioned it a couple days ago. RIP Sir Sean, you gave us a lot of great movies. England losses another of its national treasures.


Sean is the msn who really created the true image of who we perceive as Bond today. 

Daniel Craig is the man who saved that Bond image. 

Sean brought toughness and class to the screen. 

I too had the Goldfinger Aston toy and reminisced of it by building a Lego version of the car. 

The two things missing in the Lego effort was a Lego figure of Bond in a Tux and a bad guy in the ejection seat.