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Hagerty Employee

Simon Kidston’s astonishing $495,000 restoration of a Lamborghini Countach

There is little that Simon Kidston doesn’t know about the classic car game. Having started as a “dogsbody” at Coys, the British auction house, he learned the trade, studied the cars, got to know the movers and shakers and ended up running Brooks, before setting up independently, in 2006. And because he’s seen it all before, nothing fazes the 52-year old when it comes to restoring classic cars.


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Hagerty Employee

This is a great story- I've also never seen the entire tubular inner structure of a Countach before. Really fantastic!

Advanced Driver

The real question now is: who's going to buy it? 


As far as the periscopio goes, I've been wanting something like it ever since huge SUVs started to outnumber cars in parking lots. How does one safely pull out of a parking space when surrounded by vision-obstructing giants? 

Advanced Driver

I don't know about you, but I always park in the empty part of the lot, about 20 spaces away from any other cars, especially with my beloved '56.  Although some strange Bermuda Triangle force always magnetically attracts other cars, as when I return, I'm still 20 cars away from the crowd, but an island of cars has appeared around mine.  


Gorgeous color, and certainly to my eye the early cars are the purer, as-intended form. The later cars with all the goofy decoration have never been attractive to me.

Pit Crew

One of the best articles on restoration ever!


WoW! Great story!


As far as the name goes....all my Italian friends tell me that "countach" means something quite a bit stronger than just "wow".


More like "HOLY F**K!".........