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Showroom Stock Stealth | Hagerty Media

A Camaro race car delivered via GM's back door "The program was so secret that the car didn't have a formal name," said motorsports journalist George Levy, owner of this rare 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 1LE. Built by Chevrolet engineers to compete in showroom stock road racing, this out-the-backdoor factory hot rod now has a [...]

The Nelson Ledges race is local to me. This was the golden era of factory road racing in America.

GM and Porsche were squaring off here. It first was the 944 turbo vs Corvette. Chevy won regular. The SCCA banned the Vette so Chevy went to the Camaro. They used the loop hole where a car could be raced before it was released. So Chevy and Porsche did not really race very production cars.

Chevy one year I recall drove the car to the track. Raced and won. Changed tires and brake pads then drove the car home to run it in on Porsche.

GM really had a treasure with John Heinricy.