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Hagerty Employee

Should you wait for the 2023 Corvette Z06, or buy a Stingray now?

The official start of winter this year is Tuesday, December 21-but if you have an upcoming allocation for a Corvette Stingray, or if you're already an owner, the winter of your discontent probably started yesterday, when Chevrolet announced the full specifications of the 2023 Z06.

The big question that looms over the C8 Z06 is reliability. The Voodoo in the Shelby GT350R drinks oil like I drink water, and I don't think Corvette owners would like the prospect of Ferrari-like engine out and rebuild services. If anyone can build a reliable flat-plane crank motor for the street, it'll be General Motors, the kings of the V8, but we'll have to wait a few years to find out the answer.
Pit Crew

I heard talk of this, however my '18 GT 350 R does not use any oil, anomaly, not sure, but I will not complain. I'm thinking some of this has to do with the first owner not following the owner manual break in policy, I followed it to the letter.

The sweet spot would be those wheels on a possible Grand Sport trim, the wider body, the center exhaust and the base Stingray engine.

I agree, but the rumor is, no new Grand Sport. It will supposedly be replaced by something called the E Ray, with electric motors driving the front wheels. The C8 already weighs more than the C7, so all this does is add more weight and complexity. Chevy will justify this by touting the performance numbers as they always do, but I’ll take the lighter weight, 50/50 weight distribution, and manual transmission of the C7 any day over this.


I suspect that the Z06 will not depreciate, but a base Corvette will be a tremendous bargain as a 3-or 4-year old vehicle. My anecdote is very personal: I bought a 4-year old 911 4S with 22K miles on the odometer, and paid less than 1/2 the showroom cost. That is, in my little opinion, how to buy a fairly-new performance car. Let those who possess more money than brains pay retail.

I wonder how much over sticker and near unobtanium these Z06's will be going for.

Should you wait for the 2023 Corvette Z06, or buy a Stingray now?— I’ll wait until you can buy one with a clutch pedal. And until they make them less ugly.

Good for the 'Vette! I remember when you "got" a corvette because something happened to you. You got a divorce. You got a promotion. You got a midlife crisis. Now everybody pretty much wants these rigs, and the haters are piling up, also a great indicator of how strong this offering is. There is still an entire universe out there of stuff they can do to this platform. I would consider a new one, but I promised myself I wouldn't give a penny to the idiot Mary Barra. So the sooner she is gone, the better for me.

In addition to breathless daily regurgitation of Chevrolet press releases, how much does GM kick back for this relentless torrent of publicity?

Plenty of people got paid on this, such as "Ms_Emelia" and Justin Bell, but I'm not getting a dime. It's of interest to our readers, and that's why we are discussing it.

I have zero interest in the regular C8 but find myself irresistibly drawn to the ZO6, although I'm sure it is a horrible idea to buy such a low production engine from GM. That being said, time is a factor. Does anyone really think we'll still have the same economic freedoms twelve months from now that we do today? Might as well cash in now, before your consumption is tied to equity and carbon trading.
Pit Crew

what good are these low slung supercars when the speed limit is 55 tops in cities and 70 on the hwy? A high price to pay for a low thrill......
Intermediate Driver

Valid but completely academic if you live in the UK. Any C8 Corvette ordered today is not likely to be delivered until late 2022 (make that very late 2022) which means you will probably end up with a 2023 model anyway. The alternative is buy one of the very few currently on the UK market at around $150k.
Intermediate Driver

Greetings All, I am a "Corvette Guy" for over 50 years. I went from my C7-Z06 to a standard C8. I never looked back, the C8 is a great vehicle. I don't "Track" my cars, so the few tenths of a second slower makes no difference.

There will always  be new models and special editions to catch your eye. 


Right now pick what you like or can afford as both options are great cars. The real trick will be if you order now how long till you get it? Chip issues and issues with high demand may make for a long wait either way. 


The Corvette is a grand slam in either edition for the enthusiast. We have great performance and styling at half the cost of a McLaren. 


Note too that GM is far from done as this is still a new model and platform so other variations will follow. 


Unlike a Ford GT you get the car the performance and in a package many can buy. 


The next choice is twin Turbo with front assist drive or not. 

New Driver

C7 MT convertible owner here. Passed on my C8 allocation Jan2021 and told the dealer I was going to wait for the Z06, so should be at the top of that list. I think that the author stating that the regular C8 is enough for most owners is correct, but for those of us that want, and can afford more, the Z06 will be the buy of a lifetime. I doubt that GM, or any other manufacturer for that matter, is going to devote 2 cents to further ICE engines, and that this will be the last and greatest hurrah for GM making motors.
Advanced Driver

In synch with Stingray, dealers are already demanding mega premiums for a spot on the Z06 waiting list. No way will you see one retail anywhere near $100k.